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Hard work has gotten your business this far.
Custom software will get it farther.

With more employees, customers, and cash flow, your business is swelling.
But the countless spreadsheets and programs you’re using are costing your team too much time. And things are starting to fall through the cracks.

You deserve a predictable timeline, clear-cut budget, and flawless results.
Yet most projects fall far short.

Nearly one of every five custom software projects never sees the light of day. More than half of the rest drag past overtime, break the budget, or have disappointing, low-quality results.

Based on a 2020 report by The Standish Group.

Along the way, it feels like this.


We have a basic grasp of our process, but we’ve never had to articulate it in such detail before – and we’re getting stuck. We’re supposed to be doing our jobs, not breaking our heads on this.


We speak English; our developer speaks code. We think he gets it until he comes back with another messed-up version. And another. It’s been months, and we’re getting nowhere.


We’re finally inching toward the end of this project, but the result is so not what we envisioned. We keep noticing more ways that this software is just not meeting our needs.

The culprit:
Poor planning.

Developers aren’t planners. They’re doers. Without a perfectly planned vision, your software project can easily get sucked into months of long, drawn-out tweaking – often including expensive redos that weren’t part of the original quote.

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Thankfully, there’s a medicine to the madness.

Meet Maven Software Solutions. We’re a development-turned-consultancy firm that has helped 85+ businesses secure software success.

And we’ll do it for yours, too.

Ideal results begin with perfect planning.

Entering your project at the start, we partner with you to map out the software that will transform your business.
Then we deliver the rock-solid blueprint your developer needs to build it right. Frustration free. The first time.

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“Maven was our best investment yet”
“Yitzchok’s a genius in every sense of the word. His extraordinary business understanding made our process simple, clear, and cost-saving. Dealing with Maven was our best investment yet, and our team gained an immensely clear understanding of the project and our business. A true Maven.”

Sholom Weitzner


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We use painstaking research and meticulous strategy to secure your software’s success.
Here’s the stuff our planning’s made of.

Process perfection.

Your Maven consultant thoroughly analyzes your business process, targeting weak links and recommending tweaks as he goes, until every step is accounted for, perfected, and documented.

Superior selection.

Digging into years of development expertise, we pinpoint the best possible solutions for your current and future needs, keeping in mind how to make your software most user-friendly.

Precise preparation.

You receive a Software Architecture Guide that includes every detail of the ideal custom software for your business… that you can pass straight off to your developer without any further explanation.

“I urge you to get in touch with him.”
“Yitzchok was highly recommended to me by my developer. He walked me through every step, which not only saved me from runarounds and headaches but actually saved me money. I returned to my developer with a clear, actionable guide, ready to get started. I urge you to get in touch with him.”

L. G.

Sonic Goods

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The rock-solid foundation that yields powerful results.


Your process. In its most time-saving, cost-effective, growth-inducing form.


Your software plan. Designed to set your developer up for optimal execution.


Your project. Smooth and seamless, delivering powerfully performing software. The first time.

“Top-notch solutions that have exceeded our expectations.”
“I have had the privilege of working with Yitzchak on various projects over the years and I can attest to his exceptional talent. Yitzchok’s deep understanding and ability to come up with intricate solutions never fails to impress me. He has consistently delivered top-notch solutions that have exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Yitzchok and Maven Software Solutions to anyone seeking a professional, reliable, and talented software solution provider.”

Sruly Green

CEO, Evergreen

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Cut frustration. Cue success.

Avoid the time, energy, and money suck involved in poorly planned projects. Invest in your custom software project with full confidence in its success.

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