When it comes to custom software, you should
know exactly what you’re getting and get exactly what you need.

I’m Yitzchok Glancz.
Visionary. Consultant. Software architect.
Founder of Maven Software Solutions.
Committed to bridging the gap between business owners and the transformative power of software.

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What I do:

Facilitate frictionless development

through careful analysis, precise planning, and expert blueprint design.

Strategize best steps forward

as a consultant to businesses spanning 13+ industries.

Simplify software talk

for growth-minded CEOs through podcasts, posts, and publications.

Why I’m here:

Because I know how much there is to gain from custom software when it’s done right. And how much there is to lose when it’s not.

I knew something was wrong when projects kept costing more than they were supposed to.

After working as an in-house developer, I established my own development company.

That’s when I realized that in the software development industry, a crucial piece was lacking – and it was costing businesses big time.

In the world of development, no one is officially responsible to map out clear project requirements.

The norm: Developers start with a general quote, then tack on more costs as the project evolves.

After months of frustrating miscommunication, immeasurable stress, and heavy costs, the results often end up as shaky as a building erected without a blueprint.

By then, the miscalculations are glaring. But they can take tens of thousands of dollars to patch up… instead of having been done right from the start.

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And so my mission changed.

Instead of developing transformative software, I dedicated myself and my business to doing what nobody else was doing: planning it.

First, we created a careful system for intake and analysis that uncovered every detail of the business process, leaving nothing to guesswork.

Using our development experience, we then matched the process to the perfect solution down to the finest feature – without bias, because we weren’t developing it ourselves.

Finally, we mapped out every detail of the ideal end product in a clearly communicated, step-by-step blueprint designed to pass right off to development for seamless success the first time.

The results were fast and furious.

With our involvement, projects began reaching completion successfully – 4X faster than usual.

Not only that – but once the developers in my network got wind of the Maven difference, they started urging their clients to start every project here.

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Yitzchok Glancz exactly, and when I first saw that you went into this line it was really delightful tosee someone doing the right step to solve this ongoing situation.

I knew you from the past and can vouch your profession and in the same time clarify for the business owners wht this is the right track to take when starting with custom software”

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We’ve worked with 85+ businesses across 13+ industries.

It’s been a gratifying ride. Because we no longer provide development servicess, we’re able to give unbiased advice that has only our clients’ best interests in mind. We’ve been privileged to help CEOs and their teams gain clarity, save money, and access the growth they were hoping for.

Now it’s your turn.

Experience the power of your first Maven consult 100% free.

In your free 30-minute consult, I’ll help clarify your needs and pinpoint your business’s most strategic next step. If custom software isn’t your answer, I’ll refer you to the resources that will serve you best.

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Book your free 30-minute consult today.

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“The whole product comes out much cheaper in the long run.”
“The fear of building software is having to tear down what you built and start again, and it happens a lot. Yitzchok excels in seeing the full picture, seeing it early, and establishing the steps necessary for growth. That’s something very unique in the industry. And when you build and advise with that in mind, the whole product comes out much cheaper in the long run. That’s the benefit of working with Maven.”

Jay Klein